Cargo information

Invicta Cargo is a subsidery of Invictajet Virtual Airlines and was the first services operated by the virtual airline back in 2003.

Operating our services from Manston (kent International using a 737-400F we operated nightly services to and from Mansto to Edinburgh and Glasgow before expanding to a twice weekly service to Paris CDG and the addition of Belfast International. It was then decided very quickly that these services could be undertaken using our then fleet of 737-400 passenger variants by taking the seats out of the aircraft and put back after for passenger services so it was decided to return the 734F back to the lessor.

Over time Invicta Cargo acquired different types from lessor companies to help expand their freight subsidery but this was always tough due to the age of the aircraft and the market being very tough to compete in until change came during the pandemic which saw us expand rapidly to keep up with demand and so far we have seen that demand stay. Currently operating from our cargo base at Franfurt Hahn in Germany we can process cargo and have it across Europe in quick time.

We recieved our first two 777F's and shortly was followed by a single 747-400F which allows us to have the ability to operate to Asian, North American, Middle Eastern and African markets carrying loads with efficency.

We carry the following:

General Cargo

General cargo are items that do not fall into the Special Cargo categories and that do not require any extra precautions or special handling during air transport. These types of items are retail and most consumer goods (with the exception of mobile phones, tablets and laptops) , dry goods, hardware, textiles, and more

Active Temperature control

This type of containers uses dry ice concealed in a separate dry-ice tank as a cooling energy source. Thermostats and fans help maintain the required temperature ranges and ensure proper air circulation.

Passive Temperature Support

Depending on the sensitivity of the cargo, airlines use two types of packaging to help keep the cargo within a specific temperature range: Passive cargo is kept within the desired temperature range using passive refrigeration materials such as coolants and insulation.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods are items that may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons on board the aircraft. Dangerous Goods are also known as restricted ...


What qualifies as valuables? Any precious or high value item - having a declared value for carriage of US $1,000 (or equivalent) or more, per gross kilogram; (in the United Kingdom: GBP 450 or more, per gross kg) that requires secured transportation chain from acceptance to delivery. We can insure that the companies products are protected to their value


We ensure that your perishable cargo, such as fruit and vegetables, flowers or fish arrive at their destination as fresh as possible: thanks to fast transport, storage in predominantly temperature-controlled environments at our Cargo Center at Frankfurt Hahn.

Live Animals

From pets, horses and exotic animals to ornamental fish, insects and livestock: We guarantee that animals travel comfortably and with minimal stress thanks to species-appropriate accommodation and care throughout the journey, short transport times and 24/7 care by qualified animal keepers at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge.


We can provide short notice cargo flights anywhere worldwide, regardless of the capacity required, at the highest safety standards. We will find a solution for you, from the smallest spare part to the largest piece of equipment.

Airmail and eCommerce

The explosion in the eCommerce market has opened up new business oportunities for us and we can accomodate the needs of the company by adding extra capacity to their operation. This also includes air mail in which they can rely on high quality derliveries of their product

Our customers virtually need their freight derlivered yesterday so climb onboard and get those pallets in the air!

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